April 2013: Webinars

International Students in US High Schools

High School Counselors working with International Students who are studying in US High Schools face many challenges similar to those at the college level, but definitely not the same, especially since the students are minors. Mental Health, College Entrance Exams, the College Search and US News and World Reports, and Working with Agents are some of the main topic ideas. Some items within the college search include: the idea of "the right fit" and how this approach doesn't work, the Asian student discrimination perception (when applying to colleges), the significance of athletics, clubs...."isn't it all about the SAT?", the essay for English Language Learners (what if the English grammar and word choice is not as strong as a native English speaker's?), etc....Some challenges about Mental Health issues include: using insurance carrier benefits to provide interpreting for telephone conversations concerning all health related conversations with parents of minors, providing accommodations for English Language Learners (ELL) students, Eating Disorders, Gaming Addictions, and Depression for international teenagers---Do the standardized tests used to measure depression work for international high school students?



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