Regulatory Podcast - Would you listen?

Regulatory Podcast Feedback

Yes, I'd listen, as long as they were provided free of charge for NAFSA members (at least). I’ve been disappointment with NAFSA offering webinars for a fee for members, so I would hope that a podcast would be free.


Ideal topics would be anything timely. Also, occasional Q&A with governmental officials might be useful.


I would think once a month would be great but no more than twice a month. While I understand the importance of a “regular” time (e.g. weekly), I’m not sure I would tune in every week. Then again, podcasts are set up to be listened to later, too, so a weekly thing might be really useful as long as there’s a brief written synopsis to determine whether or not a listener wants to take the time to listen to the recording.


Those are my two cents!



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