May 2013: The Adviser's Manual

The NAFSA’s Adviser’s Manual is an easy-to-navigate, searchable, and frequently-updated online resource that provides information regarding immigration processes and government regulations for advisers who work with international students and scholars. The Adviser’s Manual was converted to a web publication in 2007. In 2010, the Manual was upgraded to version 2.0, which included faster download times, better search functionality, and new user customizations like notes, section printing, and bookmarking. We’re now planning for future upgrades to the Manual, and we would like your input in two main areas:

1) Functionality
- Do you have suggestions for new features or improvements of current features that would help you navigate the Manual or make the Manual work better for you in your job?

2) Content
- How can current content be improved?
- Are there new content areas you would like to see included?
- Do you have any stylistic suggestions?